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Award Calf:

1. Youth must be 13 years old, and have shown Beef for at least 3 years. A

nomination from the club leader is requested (Leaders may nominate more

than 1 outstanding youth from their club)


2. The youth must write a 200(min.) word essay about themselves and their

beef project and why they would like to receive this award. Please send

Essay to the Fair office at 815 S. Stewart Fremont, MI 49412 or email

through the fair web site. Essay should include Name, Address, Phone #,

Email address, Age, School activities, Church activities, and any other

extracurricular activities. Also include any jobs they done on the farm and

then tell us what you see yourself doing after high school. This needs to be

turned in by May 1st.


3. The youth will have an interview that will be set up for the end of May or

first part of June. Joyce Vincent will call and give you the date, place and

time. So be sure to include your address and phone # with the essay.