County Fair: Aug 3-10, 2024

Tuesday, August 6 @ 7:00 pm
- Tuesday, August 6 @ 10:00 pm

Dirt Drags


Tuesday, August 6 @ 7:00 pm
- Tuesday, August 6 @ 10:00 pm


Newaygo County Fairgrounds, 815 S Stewart Ave, Fremont, MI

About This Event

NCAFA 2 Lane Dirt Drag Rules & Classes August 6 2024 Fremont, MI

Show Time 7pm

Grandstand Admission: Adults $15.00, Kids aged 6-9 $5.00, 5 and under FREE


  • Registration is $50 per class for 1st class, $30 for any additional classes entered. Your 1st registered class gets you and 1 crew member into the pits. Additional crew members may be purchased at $20/each.
  • Registration is ONLINE at and day of starting at 4pm and closing at 6pm. Day of registration is $55 per class and $30 for each additional.
  • A drivers meeting will take place approximately at 6:30pm
  • Any announcement made the day of the event supersedes any and all written material.
  • All racers participate at their own risk to themselves and their equipment.
  • Vehicles and drivers must be able to perform safely on and off the track.
  • Numbers will be assigned to each vehicle; there must be a place to attach the number and this number must remain visible throughout the entire event.
  • Any class decisions made by officials during the registration period are final.
  • Competition vehicles may be driven or trailered in.
  • Any decisions made by the officials are final; including but not limited to, jumping the line, crossing the middle line, winner/loser of a race, unsafe race vehicle, etc.

If a driver or crew member is found with alcohol in the pit area their vehicle will be disqualified.

  • All racers must wear a DOT approved helmet; must be full faced.
  • Drivers must wear long pants and closed toed boots.
  • All racers must use a seatbelt.
  • Batteries, fuel tanks, and radiator must be securely fastened and shielded from driver. Must not be in driver’s compartment.
  • Firewalls and floors are mandatory.
  • All vehicles must have tow hooks front and rear, or some form of safe place to tow a vehicle at the event of a break down.
  • Fuel cells allowed in modified/open class. All fuel lines must be isolated from the driver’s compartment and the cell must be securely mounted.
  • Vehicle must have working brakes and be able to stop safely.
  • Nitrous and propane injection main line must be disconnected, EXCEPT for OPEN CLASS.
  • DOT approved tires for all classes excluding Atv/UTV/ and Open Classes and cut tires allowed in both.
  • No studded tires in any class.
  • This event is SINGLE elimination DRAG RACING TRACK
  • All DRAG RACING will be conducted on a dirt surface.
  • Two side-by-side lanes will be marked.
  • The “normal” DRAG RACE track will be set at a minimum of 200’ with two 30’ lanes.
  • The length of the track may be changed by officials at any time to adjust for track conditions.


  1. DRAG RACING is available to any vehicle that meets the guidelines set out by the class definitions and is safe to go down the track.
  2. All participants must sign a liability release form before participating in the event.
  3. All drivers must be age 18 or over. Drivers the age of 16-17 may participate if their legal guardian grants permission and signs the liability waiver.
  4. Current and valid photo ID is required for the driver.
  5. If a participant knowingly enters a class, they do NOT belong in they will be removed from the bracket without refund.
  6. Registration ends when the officials conclude inspections and bracket positions are filled.
  7. Vehicles will be inspected and it will be determined if you will be allowed to run by the tech officials.
  8. Each competitor will randomly be selected for which lane they receive each round.


  1. All trucks or cars planning to drag race must register and pay the entry fees.
  2. A vehicle/racer may only run once per class, but may run multiple classes.
  3. The order and bracket setup will be made available prior to the start of the DRAG RACING program. This is generated strictly by the “luck of the draw” method.
  4. The start of the DRAG RACE will be signaled by an illuminated starting tree. Staff will individually signal each racer to the pre-marked starting line.
  5. Driver must stay with their vehicle while their class is participating. Failure to stay with your vehicle can result in a disqualification.
  6. Any vehicle that touches the boundary markers or center line on the side of that vehicle’s lane will be disqualified.
  7. When a participant’s class is called, they must make their way to the staging lane. If the vehicle and driver are not in the staging lane when they are called on deck that racer forfeits that race.
  8. All vehicles must line up in the staging lane and be ready to go to the on-deck and starting line position at the officials call.
  9. Only 1 crew member allowed in the staging lanes with the driver.
  10. Once a vehicle enters the staging lane it cannot be taken back to the pit area unless a mechanical failure occurs or otherwise directed by an official.
  11. If a mechanical failure stops the vehicle from performing, they have till the end of that heat session to fix the vehicle or they will forfeit the race.
  12. Winners will return to the staging area immediately in order to receive staging instructions for their next race. The losing vehicle must move out of the way of the staging area.
  13. No speeding or hot rodding the pit area. Vehicles operating in an unsafe manner can result in a disqualification/ejection from the event and/or the fairgrounds.
  14. All drag racing decisions such as winner and possible disqualifications are FINAL.
  15. Officials reserve the right to make a SAFETY call at any time.
  16. Vehicles can be checked by officials at any time during the event. Refusal or caught cheating will result in being disqualified from the current event, winnings will be forfeited, and no entry refunded.
  17. Vehicles will forfeit the race if they jump the starting line
  18. First truck to cross the finish line (break the plane of the beam) will advance to the next round, the loser is out.



  1. Open to all UTV/Side-by-Sides
  • A utility box class (gators, rangers, defenders, generals, etc.)
  • Non-turbo Class STOCK
  • Turbo STOCK
  1. No “dune-buggies” or custom full-frame machines
  2. Must retain factory motor
  3. Machine must have a seat belt or restraint harness
  4. Driver must wear approved helmet
  5. No Nitrous or propane injection- main line must be disconnected
  6. Must have stock tires that came on the machine.
  7. Stock means STOCK. Anything else will be in the modified classes.

UTV/ Side-by-Side Modified (Turbo and Non-turbo classes)

  1. No tire restrictions
  2. A “run what you brung” class
  3. Machine must have a seat belt or restraint harness
  4. Driver must wear approved helmet

Street Diesel Class

  1. Must be licensed and insured
  2. Car/Truck must have a motor and transmission that was a factory option for that vehicle
  3. Vehicle must remain as it did from the factory with the following exclusions
  4. May have aftermarket tires and wheels
  5. May have a suspension lift and traction bars. No other modifications allowed, such as 4 link suspension, suspension blocks, helper bags (can be present, but must be deflated), etc.
  6. Aftermarket air intake systems allowed
  7. Aftermarket exhaust allowed
  8. Aftermarket tuning allowed
  9. Lift pumps allowed
  10. Must have all passenger seats present in the vehicle
  11. No welded or locked axles
  12. Batteries, fuel tanks, and radiators must be in the factory locations
  13. No Nitrous or propane injection

Gas Class

  1. Must be a gasoline fueled vehicle
  2. May have aftermarket tires and wheels
  3. May have a suspension lift
  4. Aftermarket tuning allowed
  5. Aftermarket air intake systems allowed
  6. Must have all passenger seats present in the vehicle
  7. Batteries, fuel tanks, and radiators must be in the factory locations
  8. No modified frames/tube chassis
  9. No Nitrous or propane injection
  10. All factory body parts must be present (Example: no cut out bed floors)
  11. Vehicle must be equipped with a factory option motor and transmission
  12. Must be licensed and insured

Open Class

  1. All vehicles are eligible for open class
  2. “Run what you brung”
  3. Please be safe
  4. Track is a minimum of 200’ long with approximately a 120’ shutdown area

Any Questions:

Contact: Eric Carson 231-450-0133

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