County Fair: Aug 3-10, 2024

Be a Sponsor

Display Your Organization

There are several different opportunities to display your organization at the fairgrounds.

Barn Sponsorships
Arena Signs
Fairbook Sponsorships
Trophy Sponsorships
Fair Radio Sponsorships

We do have a few considerations that we ask our sponsors to adhere to:


  • We ask that all signs and copy be family friendly. The Fair board reserves the right to cancel any questionable contracts, scripts, and signs.
  • Signs are limited to 4 foot tall and 8 foot wide. Each piece larger will be charged as an additional 4 x 8 sign. It is suggested that you send a proof of the sign, with dimensions, to the fair office. The NCAFA will provide the sponsor a quote of the annual fee and/or any concerns of what NCAFA deems family friendly. NCAFA will bill the sponsor each year for the sign space.
  • The cost of having the signage made, and deciding who makes the sign, is the responsibility of the sponsor.
  • The sponsor is to have the sign delivered to the fairgrounds, with any special installation instructions, and the NCAFA will install the sign. NCAFA is not responsible for Acts of Nature replacement of signage.
Barn Sponsorships

Sponsor a barn and have your sign hung on that barn. Half of the money of this sponsorship goes into the repairs and upkeep of that barn, the other half goes into the general fund for fair maintenance.


Name of each barn:

  • Green inanimate barn
  • Silver inanimate barn
  • Blue historical barn
  • Bathrooms
  • Dairy barn
  • Small animal barn
  • Horse barn
  • Market livestock barn
  • Show barn
  • Flex Barn
  • Chicken Coop
  • Restrooms
  • Grainery
  • Youth educational building
Arena Signs
  • Arena signs will be hung around the inside of the arena wall
  • Yearly cost of $250 for each 4 foot x 8 foot sign will be billed to your business in May. (Unless the sign is placed after our billing, then it will be billed when the sign goes up).
  • The NCAFA will inform you if your sign is fading and losing its curb appeal. We will send you a picture in May asking if you are interested in replacing your sign and continuing your sponsorship.
Fairbook Sponsorships
  • Fairbooks are in circulation by May, and most fair families keep them at hand all year long.
  • Copy and payment are due by January 1 of each year.
  • Locations are available on a first come, first served basis, with priority to the previous year sponsor.
  • Available sizes and locations:
    • Front inside color cover
    • Back outside color cover
    • Back inside color cover
    • Full page color pages in the middle of the book
    • Full page black and white pages
    • Half page black and white
    • Quarter page black and white
    • Business card
      • Copy designs are to be created by the sponsor and turned into NCAFA ready to print. A digital copy is preferred.
  • Fairbook Contract Download
Trophy Sponsorship

Each department is responsible for getting sponsors for their trophies. Depending on the department they can range anywhere from $25-$300. You may choose which department by cost or where your interest lies. NCAFA will help set you up with the superintendent for any of our departments, to decide what will work for you. NCAFA will invoice you for your donation.

Fair Radio Sponsorships
  • NCAFA has its own radio station on the grounds during fair week. We have live radio for the first 2 hours of each day, Monday thru Friday. We record the live broadcast and then replay it at least four times during the day, so your script will be heard a minimum of 5 times during each day. You are responsible to write up a 20 second script for our announcers to read during their morning show.
  • $150 for the week. That would be aired 5 times a day for 5 days. Equaling 30 scripts for the week of fair. Payment and script will be due before fair week starts.
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