County Fair: Aug 3-10, 2024


Bob Gilliland Memorial Truck Show and Tractor Pull

Come join us on Saturday, June 25, 2022 for the second Bob Gilliland Memorial Truck Show and Tractor Pull.


We have put together a few sponsorship ideas for you for the day

$5,000 Blue Ribbon Sponsor

$3,000 Red Ribbon Sponsor

$2,500 Pulling Sled Sponsor

$2,000 Yellow Ribbon Sponsor

$1,500 “Reckless” Monster Truck Sponsor

$1,000 White Ribbon Sponsor

$500-$1,000 will get their name listed on a banner

Please note that your support is not limited to these options. We understand that this doesn’t fit everyone’s budget and are completely sensitive to that. It also takes many volunteers to put on a day like this and if you or your group or company would like to volunteer your time we are in need of parking attendants and ticket booth attendants. Just know that your support is greatly appreciated!


Download the Exhibitor Application form here or enter through the form below.

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