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Proposed By-Laws Change: Teen Board Members

By-Laws Change Submission

Teen Board Members

Article 4

Currently Reads:

Section 4

The Fair Board also may appoint up to five teen directors (age 18 or under). These teen directors are ex-officio and non-voting. Preference for these directors should be from townships as in Section 1.

Change to read:

Section 4

  1. The Fair Board may appoint up to five teen directors (age 13 to 18). These teen directors are non-voting seats, however are strongly encouraged to provide their expertise and points of view.
  2. The teen directors are “At-Large” positions.
  3. Teen Directors are also ruled by Article 4, Section 6.


Description of “Ex-Officio”: Many Boards of Directors have what are called “ex officio” members. The term itself comes from the Latin, meaning “from the office.” It refers to a Board member who has their position because of the office that person holds.

Ex officio members may attend and participate in meetings to contribute expertise of significance to the board. ​​The term “ex officio member” may also refer to a person who is not an official member of an organization but holds a position of influence.

The use of “Ex-Officio” is not consistent with the current practice or use of our teen board members, therefore, removal of the term is necessary.

The change proposed strengthens the criteria for appointing teens and expectations. As minors, they are not in the position to have authority to vote on the board.

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